Petr Stepanek

Shaping the future of consumer tech through hardware and software.

Founder of Macromo, Next Zone, Undout
Sigma Squared Fellow Sigma Squared Fellow
On Deck Founders 2023 On Deck Founders 2023
Josef Hlavka Research Award 2022 Josef Hlavka Research Award 2022

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Prolonging Active Lifespan at Macromo

Macromo is your health blueprint, designed to add 10 more active years to your life. As a Co-founder and CTO at Macromo, I brought together a team of bioinformaticians and developers to transform my academic research into groundbreaking AI to deliver holistic health recommendations.

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Boosting Hardware Innovation at Next Zone

I founded Next Zone in 2019 to fill a gap in Prague's hardware startup scene, creating a community, helping founders with mentoring and access to professional equipment. It's become a bustling hub where thousands regularly gather to collaborate, network, attend events, and share knowledge.

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Leading the Innovation at Flash

I co-founded my first startup building electric skateboards when I was 16. We started in a garage and scaled it up, delivering all over Europe. I led the hardware design, and built a complete supply chain in Shenzhen. It got acquired by JETSURF.

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Light and Stylish: Flashboard Mini

I designed the Flashboard Mini with portability in mind, featuring a sleek carbon fiber body and airless tires. I built the entire supply chain, encompassing everything from custom battery packs to BLDC motors, electronics, and various molds for parts.

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Powerful, yet Subtle: Flashboard Pro

I designed the Flashboard Pro to make fast rides super comfortable. We developed custom airless tires, controller and firmware for the smoothest experience. Built for scalability, we worked with manufacturers in Shenzhen for both prototyping and large-scale production. Check it out in action

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Fixing Broken Sleeping Habits at Undout

I co-founded Undout and led the hardware design of an innovative alarm clock connected to an app. I tackled RF, audio, thermal issues, and capacitive touch interactivity. Fully certified, and with a sturdy supply chain, the product made it to over 500 customers in a crowdfunding campaign, raising 435% of our goal.

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Saving Firefighters' Lives With Flexiguard

I did the hardware design of a vital signs monitor that communicates in a mesh network and gives early warning of emergencies. Challenges included integrating antennas, ECG, and waterproofing. Hundreds of devices are still used routinely. Created at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at CTU.

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Sourcing Parts and Manufacturing in China

I turned 18, got my first business visa, and headed straight to Shenzhen to set up our supply chain for Flashboards. I didn't really know what I was doing at first, but then I stumbled upon Trouble Maker, an awesome community where I learned from experienced hardware founders.

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Building Liquid Fuel Rocket Engines!

We were a trio who built a liquid fuel rocket engine during the pandemic, just for fun. I designed the engine and the 20ft testing rig, and managed the entire manufacturing process.

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Public Speaking and Lecturing

I speak on events and podcasts focused on healthcare, AI, startups but also on education. I lecture about 3D printing, Design for Manufacturing, Hardware Design, and Bioinformatics.

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I'm always eager to share my story. Feel free to connect with me about public speaking opportunities and media appearances.

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